What your jewelry says about you.

You may not know that the jewelry you put on each day or night can actually say a lot about you.  Things like color and style choices can show a bit of insight on who you are, your way of being and personality traits. Let's start with color.

If you're often drawn to REDS/PINKS you may find that your quite the romantic, passionate type. Reds and pinks are colors typically associated with love and desire.

Perhaps BLUE/GREEN hues are what you reach for most. This can mean that you're a serene and calm person. These colors can symbolize nature, the ocean and natural elements.

FUCHSIA/PURPLE colors are often used for royalty. If you find most of your jewelry pieces are in these shades, this could mean you think very highly of yourself and exude confidence.

Basic shades such as BLACK/WHITE are straightforward. If you usually go for these tones then you may find you're very direct and know what you want. While white signifies light black could mean power.

Another way to connect jewel choices with personality traits is through style. For instance, things like pearls in any color are simple and timeless. You may not follow trends and go for anything over the top and this might mean you're a simple person. You're not drawn to flashy things and like the understated. Lots of layers, whether necklaces or bracelets could point to indecisiveness. You usually have a hard time picking exactly what you want and might just go with both instead of just one. Do you usually go for brights and bling? Things that sparkle. Perhaps you like to Iive on the wild side. You don't hold back for anything or anyone.

It's interesting what we can find our about ourselves when we look closely. Now that you have an idea of how jewelry picks can say something about your inner-self, see if you can match yourself with pieces from our collection! Or maybe you'd even like to try something completely different for a change?

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